Get those knockout games back!

The suggestions came in time for the Day of German Unity. Second league team Union Berlin presented its ideas for a “change of course for German professional football”. Among other things, the first three leagues are to be increased to 20 clubs and the Monday games abolished.

Basically, I think it’s great when club representatives think about how football can be improved. However, national proposals are of little use. That is a doctoring around in one’s own juice.

Against the increasing boredom in football, international solutions are needed, which then also radiate into the national leagues! My feeling is that, for a long time now, most club and association officials have been asking themselves only one question: how can we make more money?

This approach is wrong!

The right question must be: How can we make our football more attractive again?

Three suggestions in this respect.

► Firstly: return to knockout matches in all European Cup competitions, i.e. away with the group phases!

► Secondly: Abolish the Europa League and return to the classic UEFA Cup.

► Thirdly: The Europa Cup of Cup Winners, which was simply abolished in 1999, must be reintroduced!

Because many functionaries in the past years were only money steered, the wonderful European Cup competitions degenerated to bores. Who wants to see these miserably boring group phases in Champions and Europa League? Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays? Not me. Since this season there are additional kick-off times so that even more money can be made.

Let’s take the Champions League! When HSV won the national champions’ cup in 1983, they played nine games including the final. At that time, 32 European champions took part in the competition in the main draw. Currently 32 clubs are starting in the Champions League as well, but due to the bloated group phase there are up to 13 match days including the final. A return to the knockout matches with 32 champions would equalise the schedule. Since there are over 50 champions, there should be a pre-qualification. Check Boylecasino to know more about them.

Champions League

The gentlemen of the Uefa should discuss this with the national federations. With knockout matches, the competition immediately becomes more attractive again! The attraction is that a small one throws out a big one.

Critics will now say that there will be less money for TV stations. So what? Then the clubs will receive less in total. Where is the problem?

Much worse is the chess that England, Italy, Spain and Germany, for example, now have four sure starters in the Champions League. What do the fourth-placed players have to do with champions? Nothing! The reset button must also be pressed here. If Bavaria doesn’t win the championship, they have to start in the UEFA Cup and not in the Champions League and then earn less money. This has an effect on the Bundesliga. Because then they don’t have a total money advantage over the other clubs!

We are at a crossroads! The point is that football should continue to be a popular sport in the future and not in the hands of a few rich clubs. For a long time I was in favour of the 50+1 rule having to be overturned. I now see that differently, too. Wouldn’t it be nice if a comparable international solution could be found for investors?

It would be outstanding if the association and association officials were to tackle the issue so that there is more equal opportunity again. It is a disgrace that a large traditional club like Ajax Amsterdam no longer has a chance of winning the Champions League.

If we go on like this, five or six clubs will always end up winning the Champions League among themselves. How boring!

These proposals are only initial approaches and are intended to make football more exciting again and less about money, money, money. In the past few years, the completely wrong path has been taken. And if Cristiano Ronaldo does not earn 30, but ten million a year in the future, he will still continue to play. I bet he will!